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On March 15, the price analysis of plastic raw material PVC

I. brief introduction of the market

pvc market is still at a high price level. The cost support is relatively obvious, some of them still have the intention to increase, the wait-and-see mood of downstream factories is obvious, the enthusiasm to enter the market is low, and the transaction remains rigid demand

II. Brief introduction to the upstream market

oil prices fell sharply on Monday, crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed down 3.4% to $37.18 a barrel, and Brent crude oil futures on the European ICE Futures Exchange closed down 2.1%, To 39.53a barrel, Stern said, "this aspect includes commercial feasibility dollars.

Monday (March 14) Ethylene market prices in Asia were stable, and CFR Northeast Asia prices remained stable, closing at 1159 5 dollars/ton; Low investment cost CFR Southeast Asia prices held steady to close at 1129 5 dollars/ton

III. local market conditions

market trading was flat, and prices rose partially

the PVC market atmosphere in Hebei is good, the transaction is OK, and the prices are rising in succession. The mainstream of ordinary type 5 electric stone materials does not include tax yuan/ton, but includes tax yuan/ton, and higher quotations are also available

Changzhou PVC market quotation is strong, and the trading is flat. For type 5 ordinary electric stone, the mainstream self lifting is at yuan/ton, and higher reports are also available

the PVC atmosphere in Linyi market is calm. Supported by the high factory price, the quotation of traders is firm. The quotation of ordinary type 5 electric stone excluding tax is 5000 yuan/ton

IV. in terms of the latest quotation,

Shandong Taishan salt chemical PVC shipped smoothly and the price increased. The ex factory price of type 5 material is 5350 yuan/ton, and some can be negotiated

Hebei Shenghua PVC transaction is acceptable and the price is stable. The ex factory acceptance of ordinary type 5 carbide is 5150 yuan/ton, and the acceptance of type 3 carbide is 5280 yuan/ton

Shandong Xinfa PVC has a small supply, and the quotation is increased. At present, the ex factory price of type 5 materials is 5300 yuan/ton in cash exchange

v. future market forecast

the market atmosphere is acceptable. The cost side support is still obvious, the business mentality is OK, the downstream receiving is cautious, and the high-level transaction is blocked. It is expected that the short-term PVC market will maintain a high consolidation pattern

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