Safe use and maintenance of steel wire rope of the

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Safe use and maintenance of steel wire rope of hoisting machinery

steel wire rope is widely used in various occasions. It has the advantages of high strength, good flexibility, light weight, smooth operation, and few sudden fractures. The steel wire rope in use is often affected by bad working conditions, which will inevitably produce various physical and chemical damage, resulting in its strength reduction, or even breaking. Once the steel wire rope is broken, it will lead to major malignant accidents. Shanghai port authority once analyzed the machine damage accidents that occurred in recent years, and the result was that 33% of them were wire rope breakage accidents. Therefore, it is very important to improve the safety of steel wire rope

2 safe use of steel wire rope

2.1 the newly replaced steel wire rope should be of the same type and specification as the originally installed steel wire rope. If different types of wire ropes are used, it should be ensured that the performance of the new wire rope is not lower than that of the original wire rope, and can be consistent with the groove shape of the drum and pulley. The lay direction of the steel wire rope should be consistent with the spiral direction of the drum rope groove. When winding a single layer, a rope guide should be set to protect it from disordered ropes

2.2 how is the newly installed or lower temperature tank operated? When changing the steel wire rope, take out the steel wire rope from the reel or steel wire rope reel, and pay attention to prevent the steel wire rope from looping, kinking, bending, or sticking sundries

2.3 when the steel wire rope is newly installed or replaced, the cut steel wire rope should be tied firmly with a thin steel wire rope at both ends of the cut to prevent the rope strand from loosening after cutting

2.4 when the steel wire rope that makes the upper pressure plate move about 5mm away from the test piece comes into frictional contact with a part of the machine, protective measures should be taken at the mechanical contact part

2.5 the hoisting steel wire rope is not allowed to be lifted diagonally to prevent the steel wire rope from disordered rope and failure

2.6 overload lifting is strictly prohibited, and overload limiter or moment limiter should be installed for protection

2.7 try to avoid sudden shock and vibration in use

2.8 the lifting limiter should be installed to prevent the steel wire rope from being broken by overwinding

3 several common failures of steel wire rope and preventive measures

3.1 wear: the steel wire rope contacts with other objects and has relative movement during operation, resulting in friction. Under the mechanical, physical and chemical effects, the surface of the steel wire rope is also constantly worn. Wear is the most common damage mode of steel wire rope, which is generally divided into external wear, deformation wear and internal wear. Therefore, the steel wire worn in one week should be changed to uniform wear in the whole week as far as possible. Within the full length of the steel wire rope, uniform wear shall be achieved as far as possible. Using wire contact wire rope is more advantageous than using point contact wire rope, and using surface contact wire rope is more advantageous than using wire contact wire rope

3.2 fatigue with the improvement of technical level: steel wire rope mainly bears bending fatigue and fatigue caused by tension, torsion and vibration during use. Generally, the occurrence of fatigue broken wire means that the steel wire rope is close to the late stage of use. The broken wire caused by fatigue generally has a flat fracture, mostly on the surface steel wire, and they are very regular. Ways to prevent fatigue damage of steel wire rope: 1) under the condition that the cost is also quite high, the diameter of the drum and pulley should be increased as much as possible. 2) When arranging the pulley layout, try to avoid reverse bending of the steel wire rope. 3) Try to choose wire ropes with good structure, such as WS, TX wire contact wire ropes. The service life can be doubled by using these steel wire ropes

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