Safe use of pliers in the hottest live line work

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Safe use of pliers in live working

the use of pliers is to operate with the right hand. Put the jaw inward to facilitate the control of the cutting part of the Tong. Stretch your little finger between the two tong handles to hold the tong handle and open the tong head, so that the tong handle can be separated flexibly

there are 150, 175, 200 and 250mm wire pliers commonly used by electricians. It can be purchased according to the needs of internal or external work. The jaw of the pliers can also be used to tighten or loosen more than 5 nuts for each group of samples

The knife edge of the pliers can be used to cut the rubber or plastic insulation layer of flexible wires

the blade of pliers can also be used to cut wires and iron wires. When cutting No. 8 galvanized iron wire, use the blade to cut back and forth around the surface for several times, and then just gently enter the experimental procedure and pull it, and the iron wire will break

the guillotine can also be used to cut wires, steel wires and other hard metal wires

the insulating plastic pipe of the pliers has a withstand voltage of more than 500V, and it can cut wires with electricity. Do not litter in use to avoid damaging the insulating plastic pipe

never use pliers as a hammer

do not use pliers to cut double stranded live wires, which will be short circuited

when winding the hoop with pliers to fix the stay wire, the jaw of the pliers clamps the iron wire and winds it clockwise

repair pliers, commonly known as pointed nose pliers, is also one of the commonly used tools for electricians (especially internal electricians). It is mainly used to cut single strand and multi strand wires with thin wire diameter, bend the ring of single strand wire joint, peel the plastic insulation layer, etc

the operation method of bending the wire connector with pointed nose pliers is: first fold the wire end to the left, and then bend it clockwise to the right against the screw

needle nose pliers are slightly modified and can be used as wire stripping needle nose pliers. The method is as follows: use an electric drill to drill two slotted holes ﹤ 0.8 ﹤ and ﹤ 1.0mm in the front section of the blade used for thread cutting with pointed nose pliers, and then use a bit of 1.2 and 1.4mm respectively to slightly expand it (Note: don't expand it!), Make these two slots have a thin edge. In this way, a needle nose pliers that can cut and strip thread is changed into

wire stripper is one of the commonly used tools for internal electricians, motor repair and instrument electricians. It is suitable for peeling plastic and rubber insulated wires and cable cores. The method of use is: put the wire head to be peeled out of the sample skin into the cutting edge of the pliers head, pinch the two pliers handles by hand, and then loosen them, and the insulating skin will be separated from the core wire favored by some cell factories of the first and second echelons in China

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