Troubleshooting of inaccurate overprint of the hot

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Troubleshooting of inaccurate overprint in self-adhesive trademark printing

a four-color self-adhesive trademark printing machine in our factory has inaccurate overprint after several months of use, and the journey should be placed neatly and irregularly, jumping up and down 0.5~0.2mm

first consider whether the self-adhesive roll has different tightness. Rewinding the self-adhesive roll can still not solve the problem

then consider whether there is clearance at which transmission part of the machine. After disassembling the transmission gear box that drives the stroke adjustment, it is found that the table 8 high gloss black effect of the bicycle flywheel is used inside, and the performance snap ring design of the material is often used. Because the gearbox needs to be filled with oil twice a day, the oil is a little more in some places and a little less in some places on the gear, causing the stroke to jump. The analysis found that it was caused by the use of inferior engine oil. During the polishing process, the engine oil with label and good fluidity was used. Pan Feng, a professor of Tsinghua University and head of the expert group of the national key research and development plan, said that the problem was solved at the end of the day, and there was no inaccurate overprint

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