Safe use of the hottest mobile crane

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Safe use of mobile cranes

mobile cranes used in water conservancy and electric power projects mainly include tower cranes and portal cranes, which have a large body, large lifting weight, high lifting height and large working range. The use of cranes has a great effect on improving labor productivity, accelerating the progress of the project, reducing the labor intensity of workers, etc., but in the process of use, due to various reasons, it is also very prone to personal injury accidents, causing losses to the project and personnel. The factors that cause the accidents are reported to be many, but also revenge is miscellaneous. To sum up, it mainly includes the machinery itself, the overall production capacity of the power battery industry at the end of 2016 exceeded 80gwh for maintenance There are three reasons for operation

factors of crane itself

metal structure part

crane boom is not straight. Generally, the straightness of the boom should be controlled within 1/500 of the boom length.

there is an error in the perpendicularity between the axis of the crane tower and the reference plane, and the Perpendicularity Error should not exceed 3

the offset of the theoretical position of the boom axis range should not be too large. Generally, it should not be greater than 1/1000 of the boom length

there should be no orange movement in the connecting bolts or nails

the transmission part

the lifting motor and lanthanum actuator should be stable and reliable, so that the lanthanum moving process is stable without big impact {when the crane stops in the air and lifts again at mantle speed, there is no instantaneous sliding phenomenon.

the slewing mechanism of the crane is stable and flexible: when the crane is not working, the jib should be able to rotate freely in case of wind above medium.

the front and rear axles of the crane are not parallel. The wheel track is easy to cause wheel derailment due to unequal wheel track, and the non parallelism of the front and rear axles and the wheel track error should not exceed 5m.

the hoisting part

the hoisting wire rope is not less than gold The cooperative operation of different parts belongs to the sudden change of the shape of the component, the surface nicks or internal defects, and other parts can have rust and broken wires. The surface of the hook cannot have cracks.

the lifting pulley block should operate flexibly without jamming

safety device

the lifting sail should be installed with reliable lifting height limiter, lifting torque limiter, jib luffing limit switch, lightning arrester, and travel terminal buffer protection device. In addition, the electrical system and hydraulic system on the crane should also meet the corresponding specified standards


daily maintenance

control whether the insurance leek meets the specifications; Contact condition of carbon brush of collector ring: whether the connecting bolts are loose

whether the contact between brake shoe and brake wheel is even: whether there is oil stain on the surface; Whether the contact clearance is suitable

check whether the lubricating oil of each reducer is sufficient, and if not, replenish the lubricating oil

check whether all safety protection devices are normal and sensitive

check whether the steel wire, pulley and hook are damaged

check the phase I rail grounding and conductor insulation

the crane should be regularly maintained and overhauled after working for a certain time to ensure that the crane is in good technical condition

operation and operation

trial operation of crane

the crane must be equipped with factory grid certificate, operation manual and other relevant technical data. The new and overhauled overweight machines should be put into operation after strict visual test.

crane operation

when the wind force exceeds level 6 or thunderstorm weather, the crane must stop operation

it is strictly forbidden to overload or diagonal pull

the distance between the temporary maximum lifting position of the heavy lift and the end of the crane shall not be less than 1; Do not hang the dew in the air when stopping working; When the operation is stopped, use the rail clamp to clamp the rail

to improve the quality of drivers, drivers must receive safety technical training, master the knowledge of crane principle, structure and other aspects: master the methods of inspecting and debugging cabinet actuators and safety protection devices. Before new workers go to work, they have passed the theoretical and operational examination and obtained the work certificate. People without certificates cannot operate cranes

the ground hanging personnel and commanders of the crane shall work with a high degree of responsibility

the working environment of the publicity machine should be strictly managed and should not be too messy

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