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Food packaging safety: benzene free packaging becomes the future packaging direction

the national food packaging safety technology seminar was held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province today. The conference mainly displayed the beam displacement function of "safe food, healthy packaging, benzene free printing", and discussed new technologies and materials such as "benzene free ink" for food packaging safety in China

it is understood that at present, there are 30000 enterprises engaged in packaging and printing in China, with a workforce of more than 1 million employees, and the total industrial output value has reached 63billion yuan. However, in recent years, many food enterprises in China have repeatedly been blocked in export due to the problem of harmful substance residues on packaging, and have lost many export opportunities

at the national food packaging safety technology seminar, the participants put forward their opinions on the impact of the residues of harmful substances in food packaging on food safety. Wei Xiaolan, chief engineer of Baoju Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. in Foshan, Guangdong Province, said that the residue of harmful substances in food packaging mainly comes from packaging materials, especially the ink and solvent containing benzene and other harmful chemical materials as the main raw materials used in the packaging and printing process. She said that benzene is very harmful to human body, especially to children and women, causing leukemia, infertility, and sometimes indirectly leading to human death

at the food packaging safety technology seminar, the representatives of the business community participating in the meeting issued a declaration of "safe food and healthy packaging". They said that they would accumulate a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the mainstream and weak markets of the steel raw material market, promote the benzene free printing technology of healthy packaging, improve the overall technical level of the food packaging industry, and reduce the impact of harmful substances in packaging on the health of food and consumers and the ecological environment

Yu Yajie, deputy director of the strategy and science and Technology Development Department of China National Packaging Corporation, said that packaging polyurea technology for food safety was born in the United States in 1986. Packaging industry enterprises should protect it from the source of technology. The environmental protection evaluation of benzene free ink basically reached non-toxic and harmless. From the perspective of food safety technology, it should be said to be a development direction, actively promoting the use of benzene free ink to ensure food safety

Yang Qiang, deputy director of the quality management department of the China Food Industry Association, who attended the meeting, said that since this year, China has taken a lot of effective measures in food safety. The Ministry of agriculture has comprehensively promoted the "pollution-free food action plan". At present, the pesticide residues in vegetables have decreased by 22% compared with 2001. The General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China has implemented the food quality and safety access system. The State Administration for Industry and Commerce has investigated and dealt with nearly 130000 households operating food without a license, and destroyed more than 5000 fake manufacturing dens. The Ministry of health has implemented a quantitative and hierarchical management system for food hygiene supervision, and the State Food and drug administration has launched a pilot project for the construction of a food safety credit system. The latest spot check by AQSIQ and other departments shows that the radiation and influence of food safety in China are gradually expanding this year, and the situation is generally improving

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