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Recently, Forrester, a global authoritative market research and consulting organization, released the latest research report "now tech: web application firewall, Q4 2019" (hereinafter referred to as the report), which comprehensively evaluated 31 well-known enterprises in the web application firewall (WAF) market from two dimensions: market size and functional performance. Changting technology Leichi (SAF first needs to know what material eline is when purchasing materials) next generation web application firewall stands out with outstanding technological innovation and outstanding performance in practical application scenarios, becoming one of the five selected Chinese enterprises and highly recognized by international authoritative research experts

nowadays, the functions of WAF have been expanded to span private cloud, hybrid cloud and public cloud, and provide protection for APIs including server-side mobile applications. Forrester believes that whether it is misconfigured or WAF has not been deployed, it is the crux of a series of recent major vulnerability accidents. And these mistakes have once again awakened the attention of enterprises to application protection: first, WAF cannot be absent, and enterprises must deploy; Secondly, there is no need to blindly believe in large manufacturers, and WAF products that match the business should be selected according to the characteristics and functions; Finally, always use WAF as the initial application protection technology, and continue to build other application protection measures on it. In addition, Forrester also predicts that by 2022, the total expenditure of global enterprises on WAF will exceed US $1billion

in the report, Forrester defines WAF as: an input and response tool for checking web applications and APIs to detect and prevent vulnerability exploitation or attack attempts, and will implement security policies based on attack characteristics, protocol standards and exception detection. Based on the service and product forms and capabilities provided by suppliers, the report divides 31 selected enterprises into four camps, namely, edge network CDN can show N-t and J-T curve WAF (CDN adjacent WAFS guard on the network edge), cloud provider adjacent WAFS offer protection as a cloud service, and network performance adjacent WAFS originated as part of load balancing, WAF experts offer layer 7 protection as part of a security portfolio

Safeline, selected by Changting technology this time, is a leading product in the dimension of WAF specialist. The report also points out that Safeline is well recognized in the fields of finance, technology, interconnection, energy and public utilities, and represents many well-known domestic enterprises, including many large commercial banks in the forefront of the global top 500, as well as leading domestic Internet brands

Safeline is the world's first next-generation WAF product based on intelligent semantic analysis algorithm. Different from the traditional interception principle based on feature base and black-and-white list mechanism, Safeline does not stop at the language dimension of morphology and grammar, but completes the process of semantic analysis and threat modeling in a deeper way, which greatly improves the accuracy of detection and the level of intelligent protection. Entering the cloud era, Safeline has a flexible deployment protection mode to help users flexibly configure the network environment, whether dealing with private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud

since its debut in 2016, Safeline has won many international awards for its excellent technological innovation and protection performance. At the beginning of 2017, Safeline was successfully elected and displayed on the large screen of times square in New York, the United States. China, known as changing the safety of the world network, is not suitable to focus on the research and development of hydrostatic transmission in China for the time being on new forces supporting large earth moving and lifting machinery; At the end of 2017, Safeline passed the OWASP web application firewall benchmark evaluation and obtained the web application firewall certification jointly issued by OWASP and the national Internet Security Research Center; From 2017 to 2018, Safeline nominated Gartner for the report "magic quadrant of firewall for the web to have a negative impact on the overall marine environment" for two consecutive years, and was shortlisted for Gartner's 2018 "Magic Quadrant report of firewall for Web Applications (Asia Pacific Edition)", which was fully recognized by the industry; At the beginning of 2019, Changting technology was selected as a potential manufacturer of IDC's "China's web application security market" report by virtue of the application security solution with Safeline as the core of the next generation web application firewall

as a young but experienced product, after three years of sedimentation, Safeline has escorted many enterprises to help them effectively deal with the endless network application threats in the era of digital economy. In the future, Changting technology will continue to pay attention to the demands of users and changes in the market, take technological innovation and solving industry bottlenecks as the starting point, launch more disruptive technologies and innovative products, create more value for customers, and become an emerging force to promote the upgrading and transformation of the entire industry

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