Safe use measures of the hottest acetylene cylinde

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Measures for safe use of acetylene cylinders

(1) carefully watch the signs of the spherical part of the shoulder of the cylinder before use. Common faults: after the sample is broken. Pay special attention to "next pressure test time". Technical inspection shall be carried out on gas cylinders regularly as required during use. Cylinders that exceed the inspection period shall not be used

(2) when using, first make an external inspection, focusing on the bottle valve, connecting pipe thread, pressure reducer, etc. In case of air leakage, sliding buckle, poor movement of the watch needle or "Climbing", it should be repaired in time, and it should not be handled casually. It is forbidden to tighten the valve rod under pressure and adjust the padding. When checking for air leakage, use soapy water instead of open fire

when the gas cylinder and electric welding are used in the same place, the bottom of the cylinder should be padded with insulation to prevent the gas cylinder from being charged. Pipelines and equipment in contact with gas cylinders shall be equipped with grounding devices to prevent combustion or explosion caused by static electricity

when using gas cylinders in winter, the cylinder valve or pressure reducer may frost, or use heat. Fu Mingke, senior senior senior minister of the China Mining Federation, believes that water or steam thawing is strictly prohibited. Baking with fire or knocking on the cylinder valve with iron tools is also not allowed. Its tensile function is still applicable to violently screwing the adjusting screw of the pressure reducer in the anti-corrosion coating of steel pipes, so as to prevent accidents caused by a large amount of gas rushing out

(3) avoid violent vibration and impact during the use, storage and transportation of gas cylinders

cylinders should be loaded and unloaded with care, and special lifting frames or trolleys must be used. It is forbidden to use wire ropes to lift cylinders in a variety of ways. During use and storage, the gas cylinders shall be fixed with railings or supports to prevent dumping

(4) the gas cylinder should be kept away from high temperature, open fire and molten metal splash [more than 10 meters (m)]. Do not expose to the sun in summer

(5) when opening the cylinder valve or pressure reducer, the action should be slow to prevent the explosion and fire of the cylinder and pressure reducer caused by the electrostatic spark discharge in the high-speed gas flow, the collision heat and friction heat of solid particles, and the heat released when the gas is suddenly compressed (adiabatic compression)

(6) qualified acetylene special pressure reducer and flashback preventer must be used

(7) the surface temperature of the bottle body shall not exceed 4O ℃. Always touch the bottle wall with your hands during use. If the local temperature rises by more than 40 ℃ (some are hot), stop using it immediately. Send it to the inflation unit for inspection after taking water to cool down and properly handle it

(8) acetylene cylinders can only be stored and used upright, not lying horizontally, to prevent acetone from flowing out and causing combustion and explosion

wait for about 15 minutes after the acetylene cylinder is upright and firmly secured before installing the pressure reducer. When opening the cylinder valve of acetylene cylinder, do not open it for more than one and a half turns, generally only 3/4 turns

(9) pay attention to ventilation in indoor places where acetylene cylinders are stored to prevent leakage of acetylene gas from stagnating

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