The hottest three Asian delegations visited German

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28.5% of the delegations from the three Asian countries visited the interior of the aircraft; It is expected that the 2017 China Asia economic and trade cooperation (Dezhou) negotiation conference and the third foreign trade round table conference of Shandong International Chamber of Commerce will be held in Dezhou on May 24. On the same day, the delegations from the Asian chambers of Commerce and industry of Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam and the Philippines, led by the leaders of Dezhou City, visited German industrial machinery

The delegation visited the company's loader assembly workshop, comprehensive workshop, road machinery assembly workshop and other production sites, and watched the company's promotional videos. During the visit, the Representatives took pictures of the company's production site from time to time, repeatedly asked the company's guide about the situation of Degong, and expressed their strong interest in the loaders, cold regenerators, crushers and other equipment produced by the company. The two sides left a joint way and agreed to negotiate in detail later

this visit expanded the popularity of German workers, promoted exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, and provided a powerful opportunity for German workers to expand the local market in the later stage

the combination of friendship, production improvement, learning, research and enterprise

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