The hottest three changes in the coating industry

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Three major changes in the coating industry in 2016

three major changes in the coating industry in 2016

October 26, 2016

export enterprises feel more and more pressure

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under the fierce market competition in 2016, we have taught in detail how to correctly use the experimental machine. The coating industry has undergone three major changes:

first, enter the high-end product market. Industry insiders pointed out that by observing and studying the market situation of the coating market last year and the utilization scope of the enterprises of major coating brands' moving paper products has been expanded. In the future, both first-line brands and emerging brands will make great efforts to develop high-end coating products. On the other hand, Yulian group insists on honesty. With the rise of costs and the continuous compression of profits, the pressure on enterprises is increasing. Therefore, research and development of high-end products with large profits has become the first choice of many enterprises

second, change to a consumption mode that focuses on both quality and service. No matter how the society changes, quality and service, as the two important considerations of product consumption, are difficult for consumers to change. The change of consumers' consumption concept makes consumers pay attention to the practical value of products while paying attention to their high-quality after-sales and service when purchasing coatings

this consumption point requires enterprise producers to improve productivity, enhance the actual market competitiveness of products, and improve the competitive environment of coatings in the market

third, the consumption mode pays attention to green environmental protection. Under the current upsurge of calling for environmental protection, people begin to think more about their own safety while protecting the environment. Therefore, people began to pay more attention to the environmental protection and safety of paint products

especially the post-80s and 90s have gradually become the main consumers at present, which has led to a huge shift in consumption points

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