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Three autumn service story - I have something to say with Lovol.

as we all know, September of previous years is the beginning of the autumn harvest season, and all parts of the country have entered the busy rhythm of autumn harvest. Of course, Lovol products are indispensable. Where Lovol products are available, Lovol services are available

on September 15, the swing ring bearing of the header of Lovol Valley rg60 rice machine at Master Li's home in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, broke, resulting in a "strike" of vehicles. You know, it is the peak harvest season, and the harvest of users can be delayed by 10 mu in an hour. Sunyejun, a general quality administrator of Lovol heavy industry rice machine factory, was conducting market research. After receiving the feedback from Master Li, he immediately drove to the maintenance site with accessories and tools and colleagues

"Lovol service has come. You came in time! I just got a big job tomorrow, and the customer is waiting for me to collect rice! Show me quickly, don't delay my work tomorrow morning!" Sun Yejun and his colleagues just stopped the car and heard Master Li's anxious words from a distance before they got off the car

"Master Li, we'll show you now. Don't worry first. We're more anxious than you if you delay your work!" Because sun Yejun had learned that Master Li's car was a header swing ring bearing before, he picked up the toolbox and immediately began to replace the bearing. After more than two hours, the broken bearing was cleaned and replaced with a new bearing. Sun Yejun readjusted it to ensure that it was safe. At this time, it was 11 o'clock in the evening, and sun Yejun and his colleagues had long sung the empty plan

"Master Li, it's repaired. I've rechecked and debugged it again. You try it!" Master Li got on the car and started the trial cutting for a while. Seeing the troubleshooting, Master Li showed a simple and happy smile on his face. After the trial cutting, sun Yejun overhauled Master Li's whole vehicle, and explained in detail the daily maintenance of the vehicle and the precautions for the operation when the gas will overflow from the plastic if it is too low. After this set was finished, it was 12:30 midnight. Master Li held sun Yejun's hand tightly and said, "thank you so much! I helped me solve the problem so late and so quickly. Tomorrow I can collect rice and earn money!"

"Mr. Sun, to tell you the truth, I am a loyal user of Lovol products. Since I began to use standard agricultural machinery, I have always used our Lovol products, big brands, and timely services. People in our village also use our Lovol products. Not only the harvest is fast, but also the harvest is clean. Several families who use Lovol products have become rich, and life is getting better day by day," Master Li added with a smile. Listening to master Li's recognition of Lovol's products, sun Yejun and his colleagues are also happy. They are customer-centered and pursue customer satisfaction. Isn't this Lovol's culture? After that, Master Li repeatedly asked sun Yejun and his colleagues to go home for some food and then go back. Although they were already hungry, sun Yejun and his colleagues declined Master Li's kindness. After leaving contact information with Master Li, sun Yejun and his colleagues immediately drove and disappeared into the night

on the way back, sun Yejun thought that taking customers as the center is not just a slogan. Whenever and wherever our users have needs, we should strive to realize them, think about what customers want, be urgent for their needs, and warm their hearts with high-quality services

Wang Lei, Liu Qian

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