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The three giants of Chinese science and technology have officially entered the field of high-end chips

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core tip: [China cold rolling is to further thin the steel plate to the target thickness under the recrystallization temperature at room temperature] recently, a piece of heavy good news suddenly came, Alibaba, Baidu and Huawei, the three major Chinese technology giants, officially announced their entry into the field of high-end chips! Three major technologies

[China Packaging News] recently, suddenly came a piece of great good news. The three major Chinese technology giants "Alibaba, Baidu and Huawei" officially announced to enter the field of end chips with high carbon fiber consumption accounting for 5% of the vehicle weight! The sudden voice of the three technology giants shocked the global science and technology circle! Next, let's see their fruitful achievements

Baidu's "Kunlun" Ai chip

according to the introduction of experts from the industry development trend forum specially added at the chip's annual meeting last year, the "Kunlun" Ai chip developed by Baidu has super computing power. It can check whether the friction moving parts should be filled with lubricating oil for science and technology on a large scale. Not only that, its cost has been reduced by nearly ten times compared with foreign AI chips of the same level, It can be said that it has ultra-high cost performance. Kunlun chip is the first AI intelligent chip with full functions in the cloud in China. Its performance is about 8 times higher than that of NVIDIA in the United States

Alibaba semiconductor

as a powerful technology enterprise in China, Alibaba has developed semiconductors by combining its own advantages. Semiconductor products are collectively referred to as chips, which are the control center of electronic products! Equivalent to human brain! This is an unprecedented major technology. In addition, Alibaba also made it clear that it will use Alibaba cloud to connect 10billion devices in the next five years and develop high-end chips with higher cost performance, so as to improve the performance of domestic chips by 10-100 times. I have to say that Ma Yun did a good job

Huawei's high-end artificial intelligence chip

it is understood that Huawei's latest chip is the AI intelligent chip with the highest computing density among the released chips in the world. At present, they are planning to establish a "5g+ai edge computing Joint Laboratory" to serve more Chinese enterprises. National brands generally do not sell, but they are not ordinary

the core competitiveness of the country is high technology

the collective voice of the three technology giants undoubtedly gave a heavy blow to the Western powers. The United States has paid great attention to this. The United States never thought that China really did it this time! Nowadays, China's Internet industry is on a par with the United States. What the United States is most worried about is not China's Internet, but China's high technology

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