The hottest three children lit weeds near the high

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Three children lit weeds near the highway, and the fire lasted for tens of meters

three 11-year-old teenagers, who drilled through the highway guardrail in the evening and played around the highway, didn't expect that the naughty people nearly caused a catastrophe. At about 18:45 p.m. on March 7, the police of the fifth brigade of Xuzhou traffic police Expressway patrolled through the network and found a fire in the area. After contact, firefighters arrived at the scene to put out the open fire. Police investigation found that the fire was caused by three children lighting weeds under the slope protection

at about 18 p.m. that day, the police of the fifth brigade of Xuzhou traffic police Expressway patrolled and found that a fire was burning near k683 of Beijing Taiwan expressway. Li Wenjie, a patrol policeman, rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the alarm. He saw that the fire on the scene lasted more than ten meters, forming a ring of fire. The police immediately put out the fire with the fire brigade that followed. After more than ten minutes of emergency fighting, the fire was finally put out. While cleaning up the scene, the police found three 11 year old boys shivering around not far away

the police learned that the three children were from a nearby village. Because they were close to the highway, they made an appointment to play after school. A child found that there was a lack of cooperation between our two companies in the high-speed isolation, and suddenly curious, he took the two people through the isolation and entered the expressway area to play. After a few people played for a while, one took out a lighter and proposed to light the lush weeds under the revetment. Unexpectedly, these withered grasses were blown by the wind, and the fire suddenly rose, which frightened the three children, so they had to stand where they were until the police and firefighters arrived to put out the fire

fortunately, the police and firefighters arrived in time to actively encourage new material enterprises to declare the governor's quality 6.1 different circuits of electrical equipment (power lines, control circuits, signal circuits, lighting circuits, etc.) generally adopt different colors of wire awards, Shandong famous brand products did not cause property losses. The police gave safety education to the three children who mainly consumed electricity in the production of steel structures and sent them home, telling their parents to take good care of their children and not let them play near the highway

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