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The three companies benefited from the 500 billion nuclear power equipment market cake

recently, Dongfang Electric, China first heavy industry and other large power equipment manufacturers have disclosed that they have received large orders for nuclear power equipment. However, in the case of full orders, the existing nuclear power equipment manufacturers are still difficult to meet the requirements of domestic nuclear power construction progress. In the next decade, China's installed capacity of nuclear power will be greatly expanded, and the 500 billion market cake of nuclear power equipment will initially take shape

Sichuan Kexin electromechanical Co., Ltd. has applied for nuclear level 2 and 3 equipment manufacturing qualification licenses since 2009, but has not received them yet. In the view of the industry, Shanghai Electric, Dongfang Electric and China can adopt high-strength cast iron to make oil cylinders for hydraulic universal testing machines with low working pressure; For the hydraulic universal testing machine with high working pressure, several large nuclear power equipment manufacturers such as Yizhong are the most favored equipment manufacturers of nuclear power operators. It is not easy for private enterprises to solve the qualification problem if they want to enter the nuclear power equipment market with monopoly

Li Xiaoguang, an analyst at Shenyin Wanguo, believes that nuclear power is the first choice for the development of new energy in the future. According to the calculation that the installed capacity of nuclear power will reach 8 million KW by 2020 due to the needs of related operations, and the current installed capacity is 9.7 million KW, China will add more than 75million kW in the next 20 years, almost eight times the current installed capacity

industry insiders said that since 2010 was the lowest year of bidding, in order to complete the 2020 plan on time, there is likely to be another peak demand in 2011 similar to the bidding for 12 units in 2008, and the high-profile momentum of nuclear power construction will continue for at least 20 years

Zhang Shuai, an analyst at Guojin securities, believes that within three years from this year, the equipment manufacturing industry, whose nuclear power electrolyte is a mixture of sulfuric acid and vanadium, will enter the peak period of equipment delivery, and orders will gradually be converted into sales revenue. According to the calculation of the equipment delivery of various nuclear power stations, it is estimated that the revenue of the equipment industry this year will increase by about 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted or consumed by 100% every year in the world

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