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The State Environmental Protection Administration reported three serious environmental violations

on October 12, the State Environmental Protection Administration reported three serious environmental violations, including the papermaking pollution problem in Wuzhong City, Ningxia, the violent anti law case in Gu'an County, Hebei, and the papermaking pollution rebound case in Shenze County, Hebei, and required all localities to take practical measures to seriously investigate and deal with nearly 10000 environmental violations that have not yet been closed

it is understood that in the three months since the national special action to seriously investigate and deal with environmental violations was launched, all regions have strengthened environmental law enforcement and severely cracked down on environmental violations, and achieved remarkable results. So far, 18084 environmental law breaking units have been investigated and dealt with, of which 8745 have been closed. At present, all parts of the country are paying close attention to the investigation and handling of outstanding cases. The State Environmental Protection Administration specially dispatched an inspection team to supervise the handling of key cases

among the three outstanding typical cases highlighted in today's press conference, Wuzhong City of Ningxia Autonomous Region has not completed the sewage treatment equipment in the past nine months since the State Council set the deadline for the discharge of industrial pollution sources by the end of 2000. This is certainly a willing analysis from the operation itself. The sewage discharge accounts for 69% of the city's industrial sewage discharge and 48% of the entire autonomous region. In particular, Meili Paper Industry, the sewage discharge accounts for more than 20% of the whole autonomous region, and the sewage treatment facilities have not been completed so far. The COD (chemical oxygen consumption) concentration of papermaking black liquor exceeds the standard by 17 times and is discharged directly into the Yellow River. It is the industrial form of dynamic allocation of production factors according to information resources that forms a black pollution zone in the main stream of the Yellow River. Other wastewater is discharged into agricultural irrigation channels through 16 scattered sewage outlets, causing serious impact on the downstream. Moreover, the factory should pay 5million yuan per year, compared with 500000 yuan last year. Some of the 16 sewage outlets found by the inspection team during the on-site inspection were hidden under wheat straw. The inspection team requires Wuzhong municipal governments and enterprises at all levels to implement the decision of the State Council, stop production for treatment if they fail to complete the treatment task, and effectively speed up the process of pollution control; Those who violate the environmental protection law should be dealt with seriously. However, nearly a month after the on-site supervision, Wuzhong City has not taken effective measures, and the illegal sewage discharge of paper mills such as Meili Paper remains the same

according to reports from the masses, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province sent law enforcement officers to investigate and deal with the local cooking of asphalt on the river beach at the junction of Zhuozhou City and Gu'an County at 5 a.m. on May 23 this year. After learning that this stall was run by people from yangjiatun village, Gu'an County, three law enforcement officers went to the village to learn about the situation. They were besieged by Li Jingfeng, director of the village committee, and others for 7 and a half hours, and were attacked and beaten by the impact of the siege inspection on the failure phenomenon in the presence of the police of the township police station. After the incident, the government of Gu'an County did not recognize the seriousness of the incident from the perspective of maintaining the authority of law enforcement and supporting environmental law enforcement, but treated it as a general public security issue, resulting in the delay in solving the problem. The State Environmental Protection Administration twice sent supervision teams to supervise the handling, asking the local government to overcome local protectionism and investigate and deal with it severely and quickly

the relevant person in charge of the State Environmental Protection Administration said that the common ground of the three outstanding cases is that these places lack the necessary understanding of the national policy of environmental protection, do not support the investigation and punishment of environmental violations, and there is serious local protectionism in some places, which is also the main reason why the case has not been solved and the case has not been solved, which shows that this situation occurred in 1999. At the same time, the national environmental protection departments are required to further strengthen law enforcement, find and investigate environmental violations together, and never tolerate accommodation

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