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With the rapid development of the communication industry and the increasingly fierce competition, the development of business and the quality of the whole network have become the focus of operators. As the heart, guarantee and support system of the whole network, the network energy system determines the stable operation and service quality of the network, and its importance is self-evident. Therefore, the reliability and high availability of the network energy system have become the basis for the steady development of the communication industry

southwest communication metropolitan interconnection Center (IXC) and data center (IDC) are the first local interconnection switching centers in China, with a total investment of more than 30 million yuan. As the first local Internet Exchange Center approved by the Ministry of information industry in China, the project is also one of the 15 key information construction projects identified in the "Tenth Five Year Plan" of Chongqing. According to the plan, after the completion of the center, it will be able to solve the problem of local interconnection and mutual visits, thus greatly saving information transmission time and operator relay circuit bandwidth; Moreover, after the operation of the center, it can also effectively output standardized reports to solve the problem of data exchange through national interconnection exchange centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou when local users in Chongqing exchange information. In this way, Chongqing Internet operators, schools, scientific research institutions and other users will no longer be innocent waste of valuable circuit relay bandwidth due to data exchange in IXC, and the uplink speed will also be greatly improved

in order to ensure the steady operation of ixc/idc interconnection switching center, southwest communication has made a detailed study of the network of the bearing center, in which it puts forward strict requirements for the network core, namely the "network heart" - the power room, and believes that the power room must effectively solve three major problems:

first, the high availability of AC uninterruptible power supply system and environmental regulation system is the primary core problem to be solved by the network energy system of the communication room. Among them, the purity of electric energy has become the key to ensure the high availability and efficiency of the system. Therefore, the brand products of the same standard should be selected as much as possible in the purchase of equipment

secondly, we must provide stable power and energy to ensure that the network is uninterrupted. The power room has the most stringent requirements for stability, and only by effectively solving this core problem can the network be guaranteed × twenty-four × The operation of 365 enables the UPS power supply system to work under the maximum MTBF state, realizes the "double bus" power supply for important loads, and ensures the uninterrupted maintenance of the bus or UPS system, so as to avoid the occurrence of "single point failure". At the same time, only in this way can we provide more optional redundant backups for the network, ensure that the power supply can be switched without breakpoints in case of failure, and ensure that the network does not need to be shut down during upgrading and expansion

finally, the operating environment must be reliable. The stability of the communication machine room is related to the normal operation of the entire telecommunication operation network, and the environment of the machine room has also become an indispensable factor. Temperature, humidity, cleanliness and other aspects should be considered. Only in this way can the most reliable operation environment be guaranteed

southwest communication is very clear about this, so in the construction of ixc/idc interconnection switching center, the construction of computer room and uninterruptible power supply system have been placed in an extremely important position. After comprehensively considering various factors, southwest communication decided to adopt the design idea of power integrated machine room. As the project is the first local Internet Exchange Center in China, and some other pages are connected by many other pages, which is of exemplary significance, southwest communication not only has strict requirements on product quality, but also pays great attention to the diversified strength of suppliers, such as solution solutions and service guarantee. After several rounds of rigorous testing and exploration, Emerson Network energy company was finally selected as the end-to-end integrated computer room network energy solution, and it undertook the whole project, taking full responsibility for the preliminary survey of the computer room, the integrated scheme design, the complete set integration of products, the commissioning and opening of the system, and the final maintenance

truly "integrated" power room design scheme

in the scheme design, as the only company in the world that can provide a full range of network energy products and end-to-end solutions, Emerson Network energy company adopts low-voltage distribution solutions, AC uninterrupted solutions, DC uninterrupted solutions, machine room precision air conditioning solutions The power environment centralized monitoring solution forms an integrated ixc/idc machine room power system overall solution. As can be seen from the topology diagram, the scheme mainly includes four parts:

1. The low-voltage distribution system

consists of automatic switching (ATS) cabinet, UPS input/output distribution cabinet, and air conditioning switch cabinet. From the perspective of the scheme, the automatic switching (ATS) cabinet adopts 1600A model to complete the automatic switching of two-way input power supply; The input distribution cabinet of UPS is mainly responsible for providing distributed power supply to "1+1" 160KVA UPS redundant parallel system, air conditioning unit, lighting, fire protection and other equipment; The output power distribution cabinet of UPS is responsible for providing and distributing UPS power to various IT equipment, emergency lighting, fire fighting and other equipment located in IDC machine room; The air conditioning switch cabinet is responsible for the precise air conditioning power distribution in the machine room

2. AC uninterruptible power supply system

considering the current application status and future business growth of the project, Emerson Network energy first configured a set of "1+1" ups redundant parallel system with an output power of 160KVA in the first phase of the AC uninterruptible power supply system. In the second phase of the project, a 160kvaups single machine is added to form a "2+1" ups redundant parallel system, so that the total output power reaches 320kva. In the third phase of the project, another 160kvaups single machine is added, forming a "3+1" ups redundant parallel system, with a total output power of 480KVA

3. Machine room precision air conditioning system

in the machine room precision air conditioning system, in order to ensure the ideal environmental conditions, a total of 27 precision air conditioners are configured. In practical application, the user hosting area is equipped with 12 dme037e air conditioners, and the refrigerating capacity of each air conditioner is 8.6kw, including 10 air conditioner working machines. 2. According to the situation, the adjustment table for the verticality of the spindle and the test bench platform, and the coaxiality of the spindle axis and the lifting screw axis should be analyzed. When 10 air conditioners work at the same time, it can provide 86 kW refrigerating capacity; The production area of key customers is equipped with 8 dme037 air conditioners, one of which is used as a standby machine; In addition, a total of 7 sets are configured in the power supply room and network room

4. Power equipment and environmental monitoring system

the monitored equipment includes various low-voltage distribution equipment, and the typical parameters monitored include: input parameters (including AC voltage, current, power, frequency, metering power, power factor), output parameters (including AC voltage, current, power factor), and status indication of low-voltage distribution panel

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