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Sanjing inverter held the 2011 Spring Festival New Year party

as the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to enhance the feelings between employees and the cohesion of the company, Sanjing inverter company held the annual grand festival New Year party on January 22, 2011, and invited the cooperative suppliers of Infineon, system administrator Heng Yi and many other well-known companies to participate. Amid the colorful salute, the Spring Festival meeting of Sanjing officially kicked off. First, the general manager delivered a speech, summarizing the performance of Sanjing inverter company in the past year and planning for the future. Next is to commend the excellent employees in the company, and the representatives of the excellent employees delivered their work speeches. After that, there were wonderful artistic performances, sketches, dances, singing and other talent shows, which pushed the Spring Festival meeting to a climax

after enjoying the wonderful performance, all employees of Sanjing inverter and many suppliers who have cooperation with our company, such as Infineon and Hengyi, gathered at Yuanhua restaurant for dinner. During the dinner, a lottery was held, with rich and colorful prizes, including laptop, Shangben, mountain bike, e-book, digital camera, induction cooker, etc., and the winning rate was 100%. In the lottery activities, the enthusiasm of all employees was fully mobilized, and the festive atmosphere of the whole dinner was pushed to a climax again

the Spring Festival meeting is rich in content and wonderful, which has enhanced the corporate culture of Sanjing inverter company. The Spring Festival meeting not only provided a stage for employees to show their artistic performance skills, but also increased the company's team cooperation 13 Reid dilatometer spirit and promote the emotional exchange between employees

finally, in the midst of laughter, the Spring Festival meeting of Sanjing inverter company came to an end and achieved a complete success

Dance - BOP dance

Dance - Rabbit Dance

Dance - Han style ancient rhyme

sketch - Application

sketch - Dahua journey to the West

sketch - judge Bao case

dinner starts

basketball game awards

award winning programs protect the trading order; In terms of strengthening the law enforcement of consumer rights protection, awards

governor Gong Zheng attended the meeting and made a speech

the lottery started

the winner

there are more surprises waiting for you

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