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Yutong Technology: it has followed up meituan business for more than a year. Xiaomi ecological chain is an important customer group. Release date: Source: China good packaging

on September 3, 14 institutions such as China Merchants Securities and CITIC construction carried out research on Yutong technology. During the event, relevant personnel of Yutong technology disclosed the cooperation between the company and meituan, the proportion of revenue contributed by Xiaomi ecological chain, and the development of the company's wine bags, cigarette labels, yunchuang and other businesses

meituan business has been followed up for more than a year.

there are many kinds of raw materials for degradable materials, mainly divided into bio based and petroleum based. At present, Yutong technology's relatively mature products are bio based degradable materials - sugarcane pulp, bamboo pulp, etc. are formed by hot or wet pressure die casting, which can be used in 120 ℃ steam when natural conditions decline

petroleum based degradable materials need to be modified, and their degradation performance is not ideal. The weight of installed equipment will cause vibration, and they often need to be degraded through professional composting. At the same time, Yutong technology is also developing polylactic acid. Polylactic acid belongs to biological base, which is mainly made by polymerization of corn starch. The effect of the product is very excellent, but the price is relatively expensive, and the market acceptance is not high

paper plastic is a very good development direction, with the advantages of fast growth cycle of raw materials, good degradability, pollution-free, relatively appropriate price and good market acceptance. In terms of cooperation with large customers, Yutong technology has followed up meituan business for more than a year

in 2019, meituan gradually realized the use of biodegradable take away plastic bags in Shanghai. Now, the Social Department of meituan selects high-quality enterprises to jointly develop degradable products in the future through investigation and Research on enterprises. As a partner of meituan, Yutong technology believes that there is a good space for cooperation with meituan in the future

Xiaomi ecological chain contributes 10% of the company's revenue

at present, the contribution of consumer electronics to Yutong technology is up to 70% or 80%. Although affected by the epidemic in the first half of this year, the revenue from this sector still achieved a stable growth. Among them, Xiaomi ecological chain has become a very important customer group of Yutong technology, and the revenue from this customer group accounts for about 10% of the company's total revenue

Yutong technology predicts that in the short term, consumption can be set according to the manufacturer, and the revenue growth of the electronics sector will be faster than that of other sectors. First, the market of regular customers is growing rapidly; Second, the market share of the company increased; Third, the company is still continuing to dig deep and expand new well-known brand customers, such as Dyson, which began trading and supplying this year

in the long run, with the gradual completion and operation of Yutong technology intelligent factory, the pressure and competitiveness will be further improved, and it will be ahead of its competitors. In this way, the market opportunity brought by the comprehensive cost leadership of Yutong technology is relatively obvious

development of wine bag, cigarette bag and yunchuang business

Yutong technology revealed that due to the epidemic this year, the development of wine bag and cigarette label business was not ideal, with a large decline in the first quarter and a recovery in the second quarter. Throughout the year, there is still a chance to achieve growth, and there is not much adjustment at present. From the perspective of customer groups planned or arranged, Yutong technology has better opportunities and is able to become the leader of wine bags

in terms of cloud business, Yutong technology grasped some major customer projects in the early stage, such as Alipay products, which brought better performance growth. However, due to changes in the promotion strategy of measuring the wear spots of three steel balls in the oil box by end-user products, the current market growth is slow. This year, Yutong technology has entered more guangxuanpin modules, and its growth is very good

Yutong technology predicts that in the next five years or so, the revenue brought by 3C business to the company will drop to about 50% of the total revenue, and the proportion of cigarette bag and wine bag revenue in the total revenue will rise. Cosmetics, health FMCG and new businesses will account for a certain share, accounting for about 5% to 15% of the total revenue

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