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Yuyao enterprises organized a group to participate in the Qingdao exhibition of plastic raw materials and modification technology

in August, Qingdao was full of passion and beer was fragrant. More unstoppable Yuyao enterprises organized a group to participate in the exhibition of plastic raw materials and modification technology in Qingdao. More than ten Yuyao enterprises have registered, including Yuyao xindongyuan, Xuanye, Sanjie, Delong, Shuangjia, Ru song, Gaoke, Xinde, Guangtong, etc

[China Qingdao international plastics raw materials and modification technology exhibition] the 15th China Qingdao International Plastics and rubber industry exhibition will be held at the same time. The time is scheduled to be held at Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center from August 15 to 17, 2013. At that time, you are welcome to visit and exchange, learn about new technologies in the industry and pay attention to new trends in the industry

[Yuyao xindongyuan plasticization Co., Ltd.] a modern science, industry and trade enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of modified engineering plastics. The annual production capacity of the company is more than 10000 tons, and the product sales cover all provinces of the country. The next step is to expand to overseas markets

the company has six advanced twin-screw extruder lines and various automatic testing instruments at home and abroad, employs a number of modified plastic experts and technicians, and has long-term technical cooperation with a number of universities and scientific research institutions, which provides strong technical support for the product development of xindongyuan, and can customize and produce various high-performance materials according to customer product requirements. The company operates according to the ISO quality management system, and has developed and produced a number of series and varieties of modified PA6, PA66, PP, ABS, PPS, PBT, POM, as, PC with enhanced, flame retardant, toughened, wear-resistant, conductive, high gloss, cold resistance and other properties, which are widely used in household appliances, electric tools, automobiles, textile accessories, electrical equipment, military industry, communications, construction and other fields, and the product performance indicators have reached the advanced level at home and abroad, And has passed the SGS environmental protection certification in line with the "RoHS" directive

[Yuyao Xuanye Trading Co., Ltd.] is a comprehensive trading enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of recycled plastics. It has production bases in Yuyao and Guangdong, and has a wide range of purchase channels. Raw materials are directly imported from Japan, South Korea and Malaysia, and a large warehouse is built. The supply of goods is sufficient, the quality is guaranteed, and the price is reasonable. It has a number of assembly line production equipment, and is now equipped with technologically advanced twin-screw granulation units, ordinary single screw unit dyeing workshops, and related testing instruments and equipment. The company has strong technical force, and has professional and technical personnel and skilled production staff who have been engaged in the production of recycled plastics for many years. At present, the company mainly produces special high and low temperature resistant engineering plastics Pei, peek, PES, PI, PPSU, etc., and serves well-known enterprises in household appliances, auto parts, aviation parts, military products, textile machinery parts, electronic products and other industries

[Yuyao Sanjie Plastic Co., Ltd.] is located in the "China plastic city" in Yuyao, the largest plastic distribution center in China. The company mainly studies and produces a variety of environmental friendly plastics: from table 3, it can be seen that flame retardant ABS, PPO, PC, PC alloy, PA, POM, PA66, PBT, PP; Plastic raw materials with special properties (cold resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, matte resistance, high voltage resistance, chemical pipeline, antistatic, UV resistance) that enhance the special properties of PP, PBT, PA, PPO, ABS, led kit special plastics, engineering plastics and other special properties of our company. The plastic raw materials produced by our company are mainly used in electrical appliances, electronics, lamps, communications, chemical industry, household appliances, daily necessities, etc

[Ningbo Delong Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.] located at No. 346, Xinjian North Road, China Plastics City, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, it is a modern enterprise introducing advanced German engineering plastics technology. The first phase of the 10000 ton modified engineering plastic production base has been completed, and the second phase of the 20000 ton project has been started; Ningbo Delong nylon Co., Ltd. has been persistently focusing on the field of nylon modification for many years; It is a subsidiary of Nanjing Delong nylon plastic alloy Co., Ltd., which jointly develops and operates the (Delong) brand. The company can develop and produce nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 46, PBT, PP, ABS, PC, PPO and various plastic alloy series raw materials. It is widely used in automobile, electronics, electrical appliances, railway, communication, fishing gear, electromechanical equipment, sporting goods and other industries

the company has passed ISO9001:2000 | 2008 quality system certification, with excellent product performance and stable quality, and has been highly praised by FAW Volkswagen, Siemens, Haier and other internationally renowned companies. Some products have passed UL in the United States. At present, some manufacturers in the market will have food grade FDA and SGS international environmental protection certification, and are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions

[Yuyao Shuangjia Plastic Co., Ltd.] is located in Yuyao China Plastic City, the largest distribution center of plastic raw materials in China. Enterprises engaged in the R & D, production and sales of plastic raw materials, plastic dyeing, plastic modification and alloys, and other polymer materials are business entities integrating industry and trade. Our company deals in the wholesale and retail of plastic raw materials: ABS, as, GPPS, hips, PA6, PA66, POM, PVC, etc. The company has many advanced production lines, which can modify all kinds of plastics. We can customize all kinds of granulation according to customers' needs and provide considerate after-sales service. Specific varieties are: ABS, reinforced, flame retardant, PA6, PA66 nylon reinforced, flame retardant, PBT, PPS, PPO reinforced polycarbonate (PC)

the company has been engaged in plastic dyeing business for many years and is equipped with a series of color detection and production equipment. Technically, provide toner products that meet the environmental protection requirements of various countries. It can realize energy self-sufficiency through power generation, ensure the quality stability of each batch of products, and provide customers with qualified products with high-quality import and export requirements. Superior price provides you with various basic or complex color matching solutions, and provides customers with the most advanced and perfect plastic dyeing services. The company has established a complete quality system according to ISO9001 to effectively ensure the quality stability of each batch of products

[Yusong plastic and chemical firm in Yuyao City] is located in China Plastic City, Yuyao, Zhejiang Province. Yusong plastochemical Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that has produced and sold granular materials for more than ten years. The company has independent shops in China Plastic City, and has a production and processing base for ordinary and twin-screw granulation units in Cixi. At present, the company can provide enterprises from all walks of life with various colors, such as PC series, PC/ABS alloy series, nylon series, engineering plastic raw materials, with excellent quality and reasonable price

[Yuyao high tech modified plasticization Co., Ltd.] it has been engaged in the modified production of various high-tech engineering special plastics for more than 20 years. It has been rated as the "top ten innovative enterprises in China's Plastic City" for many times. Now it has cast its own characteristics as an engineering plastics supplier. It has a complete range of special specifications for storage, and is available all year round. It can also be used for production and development of constant temperature and constant color and other series of supporting facilities. The main products are: PPS, PPO, Pei, PSU, peek, PES, PCTFE and other flame-retardant reinforced series of engineering plastics, and achieve SGS, ROHS environmental compliance, certification, performance and various compounds, additives to achieve a unique balance, mechanical properties, high temperature, toughening, chemical capacity, no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other harmful substances

the modified engineering plastics developed by our company are mainly conducive to strength, toughness, dimensional stability, melting temperature of crystallization, glass fiber transition temperature, thermal decomposition temperature, dynamic, softening, fluid rate, hardness setting, etc., so that they can resist chemistry, wear resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature, and class 25 of composite polymers Power supply voltage: 220V (single-phase) application, the alloy plastic made of it can achieve the best performance and price

for green modified plastics, they are widely used in many fields, such as electronics, electrical appliances, medical treatment, family, oil field and automobile industry. They are recycled, and several kinds of pure plastics processed by melting are developed, which not only meet the functional requirements in application, but also meet the requirements for environmental protection materials. The modified plastics of our company have clear specifications, batches and marks. Now our modified plastics products are facing the whole country and spread to the United States, Italy and other European countries

[Yuyao Xinde Trade Co., Ltd.] was founded in 1997. It produces reinforced, toughened, flame retardant, high and low temperature resistant series, PA6, PA66. Special specifications can be customized, and the products comply with EU ROHS directives. It has strong technical force and rich production experience, with an annual production of more than 3000 tons. The company is mainly engaged in: PA46, PPA, PPS, 11, PA610, PTFE and other new materials, sub brand materials, primary nozzle materials, high and low pressure recycling materials. High transparency, no impurities, stable and reliable quality. We adhere to the tenet of taking quality as the life of the enterprise, reputation as the guarantee of the enterprise, and all customer satisfaction, strictly control the quality, and set strict specifications for material in and out of the factory inspection, product production inspection plan, products and packaging

[Yuyao Guangtong Plastic Co., Ltd.] our company is an industry and trade company specializing in the research, development, production and trade of nylon modified engineering plastics. Since its establishment in 1994, it is an industry and trade company specializing in research and development, production and trade of nylon modified engineering plastics. As a manufacturer of modified engineering plastics, with its advanced high torque twin-screw extruder, perfect testing equipment and analyzer, and professional R & D team, the company has developed a number of product series: Nylon 6 and nylon 66 conventional glass fiber reinforced products, nylon 6 and nylon 66 glass fiber reinforced products, and various nylon resins developed according to the requirements of specific products. The products are widely used in textile accessories, power tools Automobile parts, mechanical products, electronic appliances and other production fields, and passed the "RoHS" directive and "SGS" environmental protection certification

[China Qingdao International Exhibition of plastic raw materials and modification technology]

[the 15th China Qingdao International Exhibition of plastic and rubber industry]

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