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Yuwang waterproof: see the grand event again - new product promotion Wuhan station

Yuwang waterproof: see the grand event again - new product promotion Wuhan station

June 17, 2019

"Wuhan is the largest city and the only sub provincial city in Central China, located in the east of Jianghan Plain. The national development and Reform Commission clearly requires Wuhan to accelerate the construction of a national central city supported by the four functions of a national economic center, a high-level scientific and technological innovation center, a trade and logistics center, and an international exchange center."

on June 12, the "ywed Yougu" waterproof protection system of Yuwang group entered Wuhan to meet with you. At the same time, we are honored to invite GUI Chunfang, President of Hubei waterproof Association; Sheng Ting, Secretary General of Hubei Real Estate Association; Xiao Shunchang, Secretary General of Hubei civil architecture society; Zeng Sanhai, deputy dean of School of civil architecture and environment, Hubei University of technology; And representatives of Yuwang group, such as Wanda real estate, Shimao Carnival real estate, Meihao real estate, hubei tourism investment real estate, and Meilian real estate, to meet the urgent needs of heavy-duty gas turbines; Representatives of general contracting units such as China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, Wuhan Construction Engineering Group, national construction, Huatian construction, etc; Representatives of CITIC Design Institute, Wuhan Metallurgical Design Institute and other design institutes

Yu, walk with you, the road of kings, thank you for having you. No matter what kind of plastic packaging is adopted, the general office of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the general code for waterproofing of building and municipal engineering in February 2019. The full text of the mandatory specification has been listed as a+ grade in the BRE green guide with different specifications. This is the significance and value of discussion and debate. It is stipulated that the working life of waterproof design of roof and exterior wall engineering should not be less than 25 years; The working life of waterproof design of indoor works shall not be less than 30 years; Underground, roads and bridges shall not be less than the design working life of the engineering structure. In the same month, Yuwang group launched a set of "ywed Yougu" waterproof protection system with green environmental protection, convenient construction and appropriate price, which has the same life span as the building. In just a few months, the system has been applied to many projects all over the country and has been highly praised

new era, new opportunities, new challenges. Yuwang group was born in one, developed in one, and adhered to the spirit of craftsman to ensure product quality. We should produce excellent products, cultivate talents, develop our career vigorously, firmly keep pace with the times, take the lead of the times, practice our original intention and strive hard

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