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Yuzhan Technology launched the industrial control R1 series microsd/sd memory card

IOT, which officially took off in the world. All the software, hardware and even systems related to the connection have sprung up. The McKinsey Research Report, a world-class management consulting company, points out that the impact of IOT on the global economy will reach US $6.2 trillion by 2025, and it is predicted that the number of connected devices will expand to 20billion or 30billion by 2020. Considering IOT's stringent storage needs in different industrial control applications, Yuzhan Technology launched an industrial storage solution for huge amounts of small data - microsd/sd R1 series memory cards. Under the double guarantee of strictly selected particles and customized firmware services, it provides customers with stable quality of reliability and optimization

IOT industrial regulations are widely used in transportation, health care, safety monitoring and other industrial fields. In order to quickly process the explosion of digital information in IOT, the transmission flow of compliance statement is proposed for the first time and maintain uninterrupted seamless operation. Yuzhan R1 series microsd/sd memory card is its effective solution. Lin Zhiliang, senior manager of the vertical market application division of Yuzhan technology, said, "the price of R1 series microsd/sd mineral storage products will also change. The storage card strictly selects the original high-quality SLC particles, and passes the harsh environmental test. Equipped with page mapping technology, the random reading and writing speed can be significantly increased by more than ten times, which can more effectively deal with the random small data that is written frequently. In addition, the value-added function of quantizing technology can also reduce the writing amplification parameters (WAF, write amplification factor) dozens of times to extend the service life and durability of products. In addition, customized bit wise optimization management tools such as write protect can protect stored content and achieve the management objectives of data security and integrity. " R1 series MICR is mainly used to measure the ability of metal wires with a diameter or thickness of 0.5mm (6 mm) to withstand plastic deformation during the winding experiment. The osd/sd memory card meets the standard of high storage specifications of industrial control. It is specially designed for the special market of high-speed, huge amount of small data storage in the field of IOT industrial control. It can reduce read disturbance and prolong the service life, meet the diversified applications under IOT, and achieve the maximum efficiency

industrial specification R1 series SD memory card is compatible with the latest SD 3.0 interface, and introduces a variety of capacity elastic options of 1/2/4/8/16gb. Uhs-1/class 10 performance specification is adopted for more than 8GB, and the reading and writing speed can reach 43/41 MB/s. R1 series microSD memory card is launched synchronously. This series of microsd/sd memory cards support ECC error detection function, average erasure and smart self-monitoring analysis report technology, which can reduce the data errors derived from the non overwriting operation in February this year, ensure data integrity, improve the service life of products, and detect the health status of memory cards at any time

IOT application equipment in the field of industrial control has high specification requirements. Its equipment is compact and compact and can not tolerate errors. The processing speed of tasks also needs to be faster. Yuzhan technology R1 series microsd/sd memory card is small but can provide a variety of capacities, with excellent performance and no power consumption. It has rigorous manufacturing quality and excellent quantile technical support, and provides customers with high reliable guarantee and complete service

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