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Design of micro corrugated board and improvement of corrugated roller II

III. quality and process control of base paper

the specification and quality of micro corrugated board base paper are lack of more choices than the base paper of conventional corrugated board

150 grams of ordinary corrugated paper is closely related to another key word of the new deal for new energy vehicles in 2017. When the paper bypasses the C-shaped corrugated top, it can transition and form smoothly on the corrugated top arc with a radius of 1.25 mm. When the same base paper enters the G-shaped micro corrugated, it is difficult to transition and form on the corrugated top arc with a radius of 0.16 mm. Too small bending radius makes the paper fiber break at the corrugated top. Therefore, micro corrugated must be selected with good strength and weight less than 100g; Base paper with uniform air permeability, water absorption and humidity

in principle, a high-quality corrugated board production line is the balance of paper strength, tension, pressure, humidity, temperature and paste formula at the ideal speed point

uneven strength and humidity of base paper, unstable glue paste performance, fluctuation of glue amount, imbalance of preheating control and imbalance of heating will cause tension changes and break the balance at the ideal speed point

on the premise that the equipment conditions are met, the production of micro corrugated board needs more refined process control: the control of base paper quality index, the stable and accurate web tension control, the moisture control of base paper in each layer of the front and rear processes, the control of gelatinization amount and the control of temperature are the key to the production process of micro corrugated board. Among them, the proper and accurate tension adjustment of the whole line, the reasonable and timely adjustment of the wrapping angle of each preheating and drying cylinder, the high solid content starch paste with stable performance, the precise setting of the paste gap between the gluing roller and the metering roller to ensure a small and stable gluing amount, and the fine temperature setting and adjustment of each heating point are the main control means. Every detail of the whole corrugated board production line is rooted. Timely adjustment and control according to the quality of corrugated board can ensure the stable operation speed of the whole production line, smooth transportation, and produce high-quality micro corrugated board

IV. transformation of micro corrugated single-sided machine

due to the wide application of micro corrugated (especially C-type and finer micro corrugated cardboard that can be printed directly) in China has just begun, and there are not many bulk orders, the market demand for mass production on corrugated cardboard production lines still has a development process. Therefore, a scheme with little investment and fast entry has made some color printing carton factories take the lead in emerging markets. The crack extends from the inner surface to the outer surface, that is, the use of new and old single-sided machines for micro corrugated transformation. Suppliers of C-type micro corrugated packaging, such as melatonin and Siemens, took the lead in entering China's new packaging market by putting into production the equipment transformed by Changzhou Wujin Haili roller manufacturing company in 2001

the characteristics of micro corrugating type are that the corrugating type is more V-shaped, and the arc radius of the corrugating top is smaller. After forming, it is easy to separate from the corrugating teeth due to the centrifugal force generated by the operation of the corrugating roller, which affects the gluing and compounding. The control of humidity, temperature, tension and running speed of paper is particularly sensitive. At the same time, a smaller ridge top arc requires a smaller amount of glue to be more accurately controlled. Therefore, the transformation of micro corrugated single-sided machine is carried out according to the above characteristics

(I) transformation project of micro corrugating single-sided machine

1. new corrugating roller:

(1) corrugating design parameters (corrugating strength, wrapping angle, corrugating groove arc at the top of the corrugating, corrugating height, paper consumption rate, etc.)

(2) the structural design of the corrugating roller is to design the air groove according to the different paper guide forms of the fixed corrugated paper (vacuum negative pressure external suction, vacuum negative pressure internal suction or air cushion positive pressure) (the vacuum internal suction air groove has annular and herringbone shapes to fix the steel hammer body vertically on the special fixture)

(3) according to the rigidity of the roll body determined by the above structure of the corrugating roll and the different roller arrangement of each single-sided machine, the medium height value of the passive corrugating roll is designed and calculated

2. Design, manufacture or transform mechanisms with different paper guide forms (vacuum negative pressure external suction, vacuum negative pressure internal suction or air cushion positive pressure):

(1) negative pressure hood or positive pressure sealing chamber

(2) set the appropriate air volume and pressure according to the specifications of the corrugating roller

(3) determine the number, location and air outlet of paper guide copper sheets according to the above form

3. gluing system:

(1) the newly made gluing roller (pasting roller) is set to form a finer surface shape of thinner glue layer and achieve a circular runout accuracy of less than 0.02 mm

(2) the new metering roller (rubber leveling roller, rubber scraping roller, quantitative roller) achieves a circular runout accuracy of less than 0.01 mm. Ensure that a uniform glue paste gap of less than 0.08mm can be achieved between the glue coating roller and the metering roller

(3) adjustable paste blocking device

(4) pneumatic device, which can quickly follow up and disengage from the gluing system. (optional items)

4. According to the actual structure, installation location and surrounding environment of the single-sided machine, design the direction of the suction or supply duct, determine the location of the high pressure fan, and manufacture the suction and supply duct system and high-pressure fan support

5. Select matching high-pressure fans and silencers according to the specifications of corrugating rollers and the set air volume and pressure

6.334 electrical control system for building ground engineering design

(to be continued)

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