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The design of wooden packaging box improves the price of packaging products

the definition of packaging box is mostly the same. The difference is only the design of packaging products and box shape and the materials of packaging box. Because of this only difference, designers must design different packaging boxes with the same purpose as many designers according to their own ideas. In wooden box design, With the word "box on the crown", many people will first think that it is a wooden box. A wooden box, with a square shape, its design features reduce the scope of design, and restrict the scope of design for wooden packaging boxes. At that time, the time for exhibitors to enter and withdraw from the exhibition hall will also be extended.

for a product, if what is needed is a box that can protect the product and carry out the actual operation experiment and storage according to the microcomputer automatic control system, there is really not much design concept, but if it penetrates into the meaning of packaging, a wooden packaging box needs to beautify and improve the product, It's not just a square wooden box

think about it. If the hardness difference between different levels of products is not equal, just a protective package, no one will be willing to spend more energy to do greater research on packaging, and there will be no wooden box packaging. Norben packaging is a company designed to send the signal to the computer for calculation and production, and a package that needs to be designed will not only play a protective role, The image and value of the product will be improved. The design and production of wooden packaging boxes will be different from other materials. For example, the design of cartons, the process of cartons and wooden boxes are completely different. Printing on cartons may require more, while the process of wooden boxes is mostly paint carving and grinding of wood plates. However, if we need to achieve the overall effect of improvement, we need to strive for perfection, and the production is not sloppy

there are many packaging materials and packaging designs. Of course, the meaning and effect of packaging are different, but high-end packaging must be a perfect design that requires excellence

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